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With love, Passion and a Wealth of Experience We Support the Growth of your Business

We have been a HubSpot partner since 2012 before HubSpot's Japanese subsidiary was established, and have supported numerous projects to date.
With our love and passion for HubSpot, we have been working on marketing, sales strategy development, and other business challenges.

Based on this experience, we are committed to providing support to HubSpot partners. We are committed to the inbound philosophy advocated by HubSpot, and are developing our business with a focus on human behavior and emotions.




  • CEO

    Kei Tamura

    田村 慶
  • Diretor

    Yutarou Endo

    遠藤 祐太朗
  • Diretor

    Kota Taniwaki

    谷脇 光太
  • Chief Technology Officer

    Atushi Handa

    半田 惇志
  • Chief Data Engineer


    青山 義万
  • CMO

    Shohei Toguri

    戸栗 頌平
  • CSO

    Akira Sugie

    杉江 昂
  • Chief Production Director / PM

    Mika Shida

    信太 美香
  • Chief Project Manager

    Misao Hoshina

    保科 操妙
  • Senior Project Manager

    Yusuke Kurihara

    栗原 悠介
  • Senior Marketing Planner

    Reiko Wakamoto

    若本 怜子
  • Senior HubSpot Consultant


    水野 信太郎
  • Customer Succuess

    Kiwako Yokoo

    横尾 喜和子
  • Marketing

    Maoko Shibuya

    渋谷 真生子
  • HubSpot Consultant

    Tomohiko Yamada

    山田 智彦
  • HubSpot Consultant


    西岡 草実
  • HubSpot Consultant

    Hayashida Shiori

    林田 栞理
  • HubSpot Consultant

    Chika Niida

    新井田 千佳
  • HubSpot Consultant

    Yuichi Abe

    阿部 悠一
  • Production Director

    Ken Ohashi

    大橋 健
  • Director

    Keiichi Kura

    蔵 啓一
  • Director

    Honami Hatori

    羽鳥 歩波
  • Production Director

    Kentaro Suzaki

    須﨑 健太郎
  • Production Director

    Yuri Morita

    森田 ゆり
  • Production Director

    Hiromi Kuori

  • Designer

    Eriko Miyazaki

    宮崎 絵理子
  • Designer

    Marina Kita

    北 真吏奈
  • Production Director

    Tomoyo Tajima

    田嶋 知世
  • Production Director

    Takashi Iwasa

    岩佐 孝
  • Back End Engineer

    Tomotaka Kusaka

    日下 智貴
  • Technical Director

    Masaki Yamakoshi

    山腰 雅樹
  • Front End Engineer


    菅原 義貴
  • Back End Engineer

    Jun Nakamura

    中村 淳
  • Senior Consultant

    Shintaro Tanabe

    田邊 慎太郎
  • Sales Consultant

    Taiki Suzuki

    鈴木 大貴
  • Product Manager

    Tomohiro Sugiyama

    杉山 友宏
  • Front End Engneer

    Hara Ryohei

    原 亮平
  • Corporate Manager

    Akari Masuda

    増田 朱里
  • CFO

    Takahisa Haramoto

    原本 誉久
  • CPO

    Kanjiro Sato

    佐藤 寛次郎

News Release

We are HubSpot LOVERS

Aside from their outstanding platform that makes your business grow and the concept of inbound marketing,
We were drawn to HubSpot because of their inbound approach, the way they focus on their customers and their unwavering philosophy.
All of this is what attracted us to HubSpot, and that's why we are working with HubSpot as their partner.
Please contact us for any questions about HubSpot, marketing and Sales strategy, organization building and ets.

Grow with HubSpot and 100 Inc. together

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