Love, Passion and New Challenges.
We aim to develop business and work in a people-centered way.

As one of Asia's top HubSpot experts, we provide marketing and sales strategy support centered on the implementation and utilization of HubSpot, and are committed to the inbound philosophy advocated by HubSpot, and aim to create a people-centered work style that fits with that culture.
We are committed to the inbound philosophy advocated by HubSpot. The foundation of our work is fun and seriousness. We are looking for people who are looking toward the same future and supporting the growth of the company.


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Story of 100 Inc.

Introducing a slightly different internal system and working style of 100 Inc.
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Pre-Application Consultation

We are HubSpot LOVERS

Aside from their outstanding platform that makes your business grow and the concept of inbound marketing,
We were drawn to HubSpot because of their inbound approach, the way they focus on their customers and their unwavering philosophy.
All of this is what attracted us to HubSpot, and that's why we are working with HubSpot as their partner.
Please contact us for any questions about HubSpot, marketing and Sales strategy, organization building and ets.

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