Security Policy


100 Inc. is committed to company-wide information security based on the following policy to protect our information assets and those entrusted to us by our customers from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crimes, and to live up to the trust of our customers and society.

1.Management's Responsibility
The management of the Company shall take the initiative in systematically and continuously improving and enhancing information security.

2. Establishment of internal systems
We shall set up an organization to maintain and improve information security, and establish information security measures as official internal rules.

3.Efforts by Employees
Our employees shall acquire the knowledge and skills required for information security and ensure that our information security efforts are solid.

4.Compliance with laws, regulations, and contractual requirements
We shall comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations related to information security, and shall meet the expectations of our customers.

5.Response to Violations and Accidents
We will take appropriate action in the event of a violation of laws and regulations, contractual violations, or accidents related to information security, and strive to prevent recurrence.

6. Responsibilities as a Cloud Service Provider
As a provider of cloud services, we will conduct risk assessments that take into account the risks inherent in cloud services in order to appropriately protect the information entrusted to us, and create a system that allows users to utilize our services safely.

Date of enactment: October 1, 2020
Kei Tamura ( 100 inc)


ISMS_JISQ27001_ISO27001Information Security Management System
JISQ27001/ISO27001 Certification

Scope of certification: 
- Business consulting using CRM tools
- Support for introduction of CRM tools


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