Story of 100 Inc.

Review Meeing 2022 at Tokyo

名称未設定のデザイン-1We held a company-wide review meeting for the first half of the year. We rented out a nice cafe in Futakotamagawa and held workshops and get-togethers.With the addition of new members and a more empowered 100 (Hand Red), we had two days to think deeply about the company and ourselves.


The entire company and each team shared their reflections on the goals set at the beginning of the term. We were able to achieve the budget for the first half of the fiscal year in line with (and slightly above) the budget 👏 Thanks to everyone's hard work, we were able to achieve the budget for the first half of the fiscal year.

Keep (things to keep doing), Problem (issues we have), and Try (what to try next).

Each team presented these three items. All the participants shared their sense of the issues.



What exactly does 100 mean by its vision, "100 about HubSpot"? We write down each idea and share it with the team. We also created a story by imagining what the view would be like after achieving this vision, and what developments would await us on the road to achieving it.

Each team completed a very unique story, but I was relieved to see that everyone was going in the same direction.



Members of Setagaya Department Store, a community café run by 100, joined us for food and recreation.

Although the purpose of this recreation is to promote "exchange" within the company, the participants' main goal is to win "gorgeous prizes. LOL!

This time again, Ms. Kanazawa, a.k.a. "Sapporo Mom," chose prizes that she would not buy herself but would be happy to receive. A heated battle for the prizes ensued.

Day2|"Origin of Passion" in personal history


I wrote down the topics in my life that have caused me great emotional turmoil and created an emotional curve of my life. The feedback from the team helped me realize what triggered my passion (starting point).

The workshop ended with everyone presenting their "passion origin" keywords and their stories.

The afternoon of the second day was free time for each team.We hope you had a meaningful time with 1-on-1 and lunch meetings.

We had a lot going on this time, but I think it turned out to be a unique meeting, just like the 100. We would like to hold offline communication and events on a regular basis. The next gathering of all will be "INBOUND2022" in Boston in September. All together overseas, what stories will be told? I am very much looking forward to it.

See you soon.


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Aside from their outstanding platform that makes your business grow and the concept of inbound marketing,
We were drawn to HubSpot because of their inbound approach, the way they focus on their customers and their unwavering philosophy.
All of this is what attracted us to HubSpot, and that's why we are working with HubSpot as their partner.
Please contact us for any questions about HubSpot, marketing and Sales strategy, organization building and ets.

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