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Here are some of the books we introduce to new hires and casual interviews. We are sure they will help you understand the values that we at 100 hold dear and the way we conduct our business. Please let us know what you think of the books you have read (★ is the recommended level).


Inbound Marketing ★★★★


Brian Harrigan (Author), Dharmesh Shah (Author), Kenji Maeda (Translator)
Publisher: Subarusha
Amazon Kindle version:

A solid understanding of marketing in the current era, starting with the basics. The era of mass marketing is long gone. Now, it is important to be "found" by customers, rather than spending a lot of money on advertising to make your company or products known. This book is full of secret strategies to "get found" using wisdom, not money, and to be left behind. The long-awaited Japanese edition of "INBOUND MARKETING REVISED & UPDATED," which received great reviews on Amazon Kindle.

Learning Marketing from the Grateful Dead ★★★★

GFDavid Meerman Scott; Brian Halligan (Author), Yukari Watanabe (Translator), Shigesato Itoi (Editor)
Publisher: Nikkei BP

This book was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do." Shigesato Itoi (from the foreword) The secret of the band that made more money than the Beatles and the Stones. It is a business model for the 21st century that is free, share, love, and peace. From President Obama to Steve Jobs, all of America's top executives learned from the Grateful Dead! The book also includes examples from Google, the U.S. Army, COACH, Kindle, Amazon, McDonald's, Bill Gates, and many others who have put the Grateful Dead's teachings into practice!

Best physical condition ACTIVE HEALTH ★

Yu Suzuki (Author) / Publisher: Crossmedia Publishing (Impress)

There are many levels of daily discomfort and frustration. Some people simply can't get up in the morning, others have trouble concentrating and making progress at work. Some people have trouble controlling their anger and anxiety, others are constantly feeling unwell, and still others live with a sense of emptiness and a lack of purpose in their daily lives. We will first uncover the "common denominators" of the problems faced by people today, and then provide a generic framework that can flexibly solve all of them.

Project Management by a Foreign Consultant ★

PMChou Yamaguchi (Author) / Publisher: Yamato Shobo

What do leaders do that keeps getting results? From moving to space exploration, what are the management methods that always make projects a success? The author, a member of the Hay Group, the world's top leadership development company, thoroughly reveals the "professional secrets" for making every project a success.

Super Practical Web Director's Textbook ★

WEKenta Nakamura (Author), Masayuki Taguchi (Author), Koji Takase (Author) / Publisher: Mynavi Publishing

The Web Director's Manual, a website that attracts 100,000 directors nationwide, is now available for download! Three active Web directors, well-known for their seminars and other activities, have compiled this book with "information useful for daily direction work right now," their "essential ideas," and "ultra-practical training methods. It is not a theoretical book written for everyone, but is filled with innovations, ideas, and tips generated from their daily work. From how to successfully run a project and avoid getting into a bad end, to how to think about a career as a director with an eye on the future. I want to help everyone involved in direction, whether you are a director, designer, engineer, or anything else that needs help! This book was born from such a desire.

Small Teams, Big Jobs - The New Standard for How We Work ★

COJason Fried (Author), David Heinemeyer Hanson (Author), Kenji Kurosawa (Translator), Hajime Matsunaga (Translator), Hiromi Mitani (Translator), Yuka Young (Translator) / Publisher: Hayakawa Shobo

It is an illusion that bigger is better for a company. No expensive advertising, no sales force, no offices, no meetings, no business plans. Small is simple, fast, and resourceful. The founder and charismatic developer of Basecamp, a global startup, teaches the art of working in the Internet age in this new standard for business books. Illustrated edition



We are HubSpot LOVERS

Aside from their outstanding platform that makes your business grow and the concept of inbound marketing,
We were drawn to HubSpot because of their inbound approach, the way they focus on their customers and their unwavering philosophy.
All of this is what attracted us to HubSpot, and that's why we are working with HubSpot as their partner.
Please contact us for any questions about HubSpot, marketing and Sales strategy, organization building and ets.

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