Story of 100 Inc.

Kickoff Meeting 2022 at Sapporo


We have general meetings twice a year where all members gather in a realistic setting.

The meeting will be held in a variety of locations (the last kick-off meeting was held in Sapporo, where it was snowing heavily), and we will share in the same space the direction the company should take in the future, the direction it is aiming for, the alignment of values, and the challenges it is facing at the present time.

2We will share a time of physical activity in a participatory workshop, as well as recreational time of eating and drinking.

35We dare to create such opportunities because the distance between the two offices (Tokyo and Sapporo) and the various ways of working (office, remote, hybrid) make it difficult for everyone to meet each other.

We are HubSpot LOVERS

Aside from their outstanding platform that makes your business grow and the concept of inbound marketing,
We were drawn to HubSpot because of their inbound approach, the way they focus on their customers and their unwavering philosophy.
All of this is what attracted us to HubSpot, and that's why we are working with HubSpot as their partner.
Please contact us for any questions about HubSpot, marketing and Sales strategy, organization building and ets.

Grow with HubSpot and 100 Inc. together

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