100 Inc. has been awarded "HubSpot Best Partner in Japan" for the third consecutive year.

HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner 100 inc. (Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kei Tamura ) has been awarded the "HubSpot Best Partner in Japan" for the third consecutive year by HubSpot Japan, a CRM platform provider.

bestpartner2023"The 'HubSpot Best Partner in Japan 2023' award is determined based on the total amount of HubSpot licenses sold within 2023, following the global criteria of the HubSpot Impact Awards. We are honored to have been recognized as the top partner in Japan.

100 Inc. has been a certified partner of HubSpot Inc. since June 2019, providing sales and implementation support for their software 'HubSpot,' assistance in building marketing, sales, and support organizations using HubSpot CRM, support for Digital Transformation, strategic planning and operation services for inbound marketing, website development using HubSpot CMS Hub, content creation, data integration, system development, and business promotion support services for HubSpot partners.

In 2023, we published the 'HubSpot Encyclopedia,' a guidebook for HubSpot, in July, and were certified as an Elite Partner, the highest level in the HubSpot Solutions Partner program, in August. We are engaged in consulting services for RevOps (Revenue Operations) to eliminate information and communication gaps and redundant tasks in marketing, sales, and service departments, optimizing overall business revenue. Additionally, we have strengthened operational support to encourage continued use of HubSpot as an essential system for business growth.

In September 2023, eleven of our team members attended the annual HubSpot event 'INBOUND 23' in Boston. Through knowledge gained at the event and networking with HubSpot partners and users from around the world, we are committed to furthering our vision of '100 for all things HubSpot' and continuously improving our services." 


Message from CEO

We, 100 Inc., are honored to have been awarded the HubSpot Best Partner in Japan for the third consecutive year. We deeply appreciate this recognition.

As HubSpot continues to grow at an astounding pace, with its customer base increasing from 128,000 companies in 2021 to over 205,000 currently, its expansion is remarkable. HubSpot is a company that swiftly updates its features in response to changes in the times and shifts in consumer needs.

We have been diligently studying best practices utilizing the evolving HubSpot platform. We continuously update our services to support our customers' success and growth.

By maintaining a deep love and passion for HubSpot, we strive to meet each customer's needs and consistently deliver services that exceed their expectations. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to enhancing Japan's value in the global market.

While the competition among partners intensifies each year, we see this as an opportunity to excel and will continue to make further efforts to become a role model in partner business. This award acknowledges our past achievements and serves as great encouragement for our continued growth.

Lastly, we extend heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who celebrate this honor with us and to all stakeholders who support us.


■About 100 (Hundred) Inc.

株式会社100 is a solution partner for RevOps (Revenue Operations) utilizing HubSpot, with our mission being "Leading the Way Forward." We lead the business growth of a wide range of companies, from SMBs to enterprises, by leveraging HubSpot's 5 Hubs (Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Operations Hub, CMS Hub) and being proficient in all of them.

We have expertise in all five HubSpot Hubs and provide various services from a practitioner's perspective, including overall strategy and KPI design for marketing and sales, Salesforce and HubSpot data integration and migration, API integration development between HubSpot and external services, website development, and offering custom HubSpot integration applications, all tailored to meet our clients' challenges and needs.

Established in 2018, we began operating as a team of HubSpot specialists and experts from June 2019. In 2020, we were honored as the sole recipient of the "Rookie of the Year (APAC)" award among Japanese companies. In 2023, we received the "HubSpot Best Partner in Japan" award for the third consecutive year as the top partner in Japan. We also achieved the highest rank, "Leader," in five categories as a HubSpot implementation partner in the "ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter." In August 2023, we were certified as the first HubSpot Elite Partner in Asia. Additionally, we manage the secretariat of Japan HUG (HubSpot User Group) in Japan.

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 Contact: Reiko Wakamoto, PR at 100inc.

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