100inc, acquired all shares of CREATIVE LABO, Inc., an athlete support business based on sports medicine and training science

100inc. acquired all shares of CREATIVE LABO Corporation, a company that develops support business for athletes based on sports medicine and training science, and made it a subsidiary.
CL_1CREATIVE LABO is currently engaged in the business of supporting top athletes by providing disciplined training based on objective indicators for aspiring and ambitious soccer players so that they can compete in as many games as possible in the Champions League and the professional world.

With the addition of 100 (HANDLED) as a subsidiary, the company will utilize its strengths in "training that raises the maximum value" and objective "measurement data," add value to its services, and strengthen its training operations system.


CREATIVE LABO is currently working with professional soccer teams and school corporations to help their athletes to go beyond the modern norm with the company's unique coaching policies and methods. CREATIVE LABO provides not only "the ability to use 100% of one's body" but also "more than 100% of one's maximum" training, fostering the desire to "grow more" rather than "it's too hard, I can't do it".


<Company Profile>
Company name: CREATIVE LABO
Date of establishment: November 25, 2016
Representative: Daigo Seki, President
Location: 1F Reasis Shin-Yokohama Park Front, 2-18-4 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Japan


CL_3Through this acquisition, CREATIVE LABO will further expand its business by utilizing the management assets and operational know-how of 100 inc


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