Launched Data Expander, the second service of HubSpot's "Growth Apps" extension application.

100inc. has launched "Data Expander" on October 3, 2022, as the second version of "Growth Apps," a HubSpot extension application that it is developing as its own product.

GrowthApps-DataExpanderAbout Data Expander

Data Expander is a SaaS application offered as part of the "Growth Apps" series of services that extend HubSpot for greater convenience.

By using this application, you can add various information (items below) to the "company data" managed in HubSpot to activate your company's sales and marketing activities.

  • Application name:
    Data Expander
  • URL:
  • Service start date:
    October 3, 2022
  • Number of company information:
    600,000 companies in Japan (provided by Net Business Support Co., Ltd.)
  • Grant information:
    Trade name, corporate number, business type, capital, number of employees, listing classification, name of representative, sales, location name, postal code, address, telephone number, fax number, URL, representative e-mail address

Effective for ABM development to target customers and for CRM data cleaning.

By utilizing the Data Expander to add various information to company data, it is possible to narrow down the criteria. For example, it is possible to create a target list with the following narrowed down criteria

  • List of companies above a certain sales level
  • List of companies in a specific industry
  • List of companies in a specific listing category

As mentioned above, it is also useful for narrowing down companies for specific marketing targets, for ABM (Account Based Marketing) development, and for CRM data cleaning.

dataexpander-demoAt HubSpot's annual INBOUND2022 event held in Boston in early September, HubSpot CEO Yamini Langan spoke on the theme of "Crisis of Disconnection" and the importance of having a "Customer Connection" mindset and keeping CRM data clean (see article: INBOUND22 HubSpot Keynote - Customer Connection and the Crisis of Disconnection).

We believe that the Data Expander will be an effective application for future healthy sales and marketing activities to keep connecting with customers in a "meaningful context" and to continue cleaning CRM data.

Pricing that is accessible to both large and small companies.

While many of these corporate data services that enrich company information are relatively expensive, Data Expander has an inexpensive fee structure that makes it available not only to large corporations, but also to small and medium-sized businesses.

Data Expander offers three plans based on the number of data items acquired each month as follows The Enterprise plan, which has the highest number of data acquisitions, allows you to acquire data at 15 yen per data acquisition.dataexpander-demo3

  • Data Expander is available on a trial (free trial) when you start using it.
  • It is available on all HubSpot plans, whether paid or free.

About Growth Apps, a HubSpot extension application

"Growth Apps" is a generic name for a group of linked applications that extend and improve the various functions of HubSpot, which we are developing as a proprietary product. As part of the "Growth Apps" series, we are currently developing a variety of micro-applications, which will be released sequentially.

"Growth Apps" is based on the applications developed by 100 (Handled), Inc. to fulfill relatively detailed requirements that cannot be achieved with HubSpot's basic functions, and which have been requested by more than 100 customers who have been using HubSpot. It is a micro-application that can "scratch an itch" for those in charge of utilizing HubSpot.

We, 100 companies, will continue to expand our services and lineup so that "Growth Apps" will be a "small dynamo" that will help HubSpot users develop their business half-step forward.




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